Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me & My Blog

Welcome everyone to my blog.
My name is Redwan hasan.

Living in a small country called Bangladesh, added a link to Wikipedia if you don't know this country.

Studied from Ideal School & College followed by Dhaka College and then got myself admitted into University of Dhaka. But couldn't complete my course there. Later I got into another University and studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering for couple years. On this note I have got my secondary school certificate in 2008 and higher secondary certificate in 2010.

I have huge interest on both computer hardware & software, topics of electrical & electronic engineering, physics, mathematics , medicine, weapons , football, foods etc!

So I will mostly write on these particular topics. Hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

I also have weird hobbies like Electronics and collecting both stamps and coins of different countries. I mostly pass my time playing computer games, mostly multiplayer games and the rest of the time I watch videos on internet or maybe just read something whether something digital or analog. I also sleep and eat a lot.

That's pretty much what I can say about me! Again welcome and have a nice day.

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A small Index of the blog:

Hobby electronics, major concern of this blog :


37. Main Line powered LED pilot Lamp.

38. DIY Constant brightness LED Torch.

39. Musical Doorbell.

40. Mains powered LED Dim Light

Windows Help, Let's face it, an unavoidable thing:


1. Internet Connection Sharing In Windows OS

2. Catalyst Control Center In Windows OS

3. Windows from USB Device

4. Internet connection sharing with Mi Portable Wi-Fi.

EEE & CSE Study, second major concern of this blog:

1. AND Gate

2. NOT Gate

3. OR Gate

4. NAND Gate 

5. Newton-Raphson Method

6. Number System

7. Voltage Regulation

8. Colpitts Oscillator
9. Fleming's Left and Right hand rule.  

Public Awareness, let's see if we can change anything:

1. Dehydration

2. Multimedia Classroom And Digital Contents

3. Why Bangladesh imports a lot of academic books!

Tech Information, Reviews & How To! Hope it will help!

 1. Ubuntu A Free OS Basic

 2. Ubuntu From USB drive.

 3. Overclocking Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge

 4. Best Bang For The Buck GPU 2013 Entry

 5. Best Bang For The Buck GPU 2013 Mid

 6. Best Bang For The Buck GPU 2013 Higher Mid

 7. Best Bang For The Buck GPU 2013 Enthusiast

 8. Best Bang For The Buck GPU 2013 Extreme

 9. Computer Hardware Monitoring & Specification Checking

10. PC Power Supply Brief And Buying Guide

11. UPS All You Need To know

12. Nvidia ShadowPlay

13. Budget Gaming PC AMD Feb 2014 $665

14. Budget Gaming PC Intel Feb 2014

15. Budget Gaming GPU

16. Budget Build $500 April 2014

17. HTPC Build

18. SLI, all you need to know. 


1. Python Installation & Simple Math

2. MATLAB Tutorial 1

3. DHCP Address reservation on router.

Solution Manual


Electronics Machine By Charles I. Hubert

1. Chapter 4

2. Chapter 6

3. Chapter 5

4. Chapter 2

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Battery Capacity mAh, Ah, Wh.

2. How mobile phone or laptop chargers work!

3. Incandescent Light bulbs!

4. How does power bank work! 

Raspberry Pi, jump on the Band wagon, it is a good band wagon.

1. Turn your Pi into a NAS(Network Attached Storage)!
2. VNC(Virtual Network Computing) Server on Pi
3. Internet Speed test with Raspberry Pi.
Ask Me Anything!

1. Non Rechargeable cells, are they still a thing?


1. Simple Chatting program using Arduino.
2. Arduino Basic 16x2 LCD.
3. Temperature Monitor Using LM35. 
4. Displaying temperature on a Display.
Learn English

1. Euphemisms.