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Internet Connection Sharing

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Internet connection can be shared between devices in numerous ways and this post will cover some of them. Methods shown here might not be the best or the most elegant but they are workarounds which might come in handy in different scenarios. My motivation for writing this is mainly to show different ways of doing something, in day to day life we might face simple issues like this and this type of workarounds can be very useful. I intend to keep on adding more and more ways.


Scenario 1: Using single USB Modem on Two machine.
Scenario 2: Mobile Phone's 3G/4G internet on other devices.
Scenario 3: Turn Your Computer into Wi-Fi Access Point(Without any extra Software).
Scenario 4: Turn Your Computer into Wi-Fi Access Point with Xiaomi Mi USB Router(Link).
Scenario 5: Bluetooth Internet Connection Sharing.

Scenario 1:USB 3G/4G Modem shared over wired Ethernet from a Desktop or Laptop to another one. 

A bit more Details:

Let's say you have two computers but only one USB Modem and you want to use internet on both machines. You cant plug one USB modem in two different machines at any given time, here's how you can use that one connection on both systems.

Extra accessory needed:

1. Ethernet cable (can be CAT5/5e/6),
2. Working Ethernet port on both systems (you need to make sure that both of them have proper driver installed, enabled and working).


1. Plug your USB modem to your system. Connect to the internet.

2. Go to Network and Sharing Center (On the task-bar you can see this icon   Right click & Open Network and Sharing Center)

3. Now click the Change Adapter Settings on the top left.
4. You will see your existing installed network hardware.  Here in my system Ethernet 2 is USB WiMAX modem and Ethernet is Gigabit wired connection. This wired port will be used for connecting to other system.

5. Now right click on the Ethernet 2 (or the one you want to share) click properties. Then select Sharing Tab. Check both of them and click OK.

6. You can control services from "Settings".

8. After clicking OK, IP address will be automatically assigned to your other network Adapter (the one through you are going to share)
Ethernet > Properties > IPv4

As you can see has automatically been assigned.

9. Now get to your other machine and open up network & sharing center (just like shown before). Go to change adapter settings. Then go to the properties of the adapter that you are going to use. Set IPv4 and IPv6 to auto.

10.  Now connect the cable and You are done! 

Note: For the second machine you don't have to use windows, any other machine would do but you have to keep the IP and DNS to auto.

Scenario 2: Sharing 3G/4G internet connection of android device to other device.

For this type of sharing you don't need any other accessory.


1. Connect to internet via 3G/4G with your phone.

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to More options.

4. Now go to Tethering

5. Enable Wi-Fi hotspot. You can change password and SSID from the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. It is mandatory to use WPA2-PSK and a good password if you want it secured.

6. Go to the Wi-Fi of other device that you want to use this shared connection.

7. Connect to the right SSID with the password set earlier.

8. Done. You can use internet on both devices now.

Note: You can use this shared Network on any device that has Wi-Fi. Phone, tablet or any type of computer. Though be careful, 3G/4G internet can be costly.

Scenario 3: Turn your Computer into a Wi-Fi Access Point

Let's say you don't have a Wi-Fi access point, your computer is connected to internet via Wired Ethernet. You want to share this internet connection through Wi-Fi.

For this you have to make sure that your computer has Wi-Fi capability.


1. First thing that you gonna have to make sure is hosted network feature is supported. For this you have to type in the following command in command prompt.

netsh wlan show drivers

Here we can see that hosted network is supported, if you find a No in here, make sure to install proper driver for your wireless device.  

2. Next stop will be starting an ad-hoc wireless network. To do so you have to type in

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<Enter the network name> key=<Enter the password for this>

In this case you can see I have set it up the SSID as Internet and Password is something.

3. Now you have to start this network, to do so type in the following command and press enter.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

4. Now go to the device from where you want to use this shared connection. From my phone I can see that the SSID "Internet" is available. But don't connect to it yet.

5. From host system you have to share the wired internet on this ad hoc network. To do so go to "Network and Sharing center", can be found in control panel. 

6. From there go to the "Change Adapter Settings" and figure out which one is your internet connection, for me it is the Ethernet 2. We want to share this connection over the ad-hoc network that we created. To do so go to the "Properties" of Ethernet 2 and get into the "Sharing" tab. From there share it over the Local Area Connection 6(or whatever you have, look for Microsoft hosted network).

7. After pressing okay you should see the network is shared.

8. Now connect your phone/computer to use this internet.

 9. And internet is available on other device as well!

Note: Although I have found something quite interesting here, the speed which I'm getting via this is actually slightly lower than directly connecting it to the router. I wasn't really expecting to saturate as  I have a slow internet connection so was expecting full speed. Moreover the Wireless network is question is an Intel AC so it should have performed better. Maybe windows is the culprit here! Who knows.

The blue ones are the results when connecting the phone directly to the router and the red ones are via this method. 

Turn off: If you want to turn it off, simply Turn off the sharing from the adapter settings. Then go to the command prompt and type in

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Here we can see it has stopped and also the connection 6 is no longer available. 

Scenario 5: Share internet via Bluetooth. 

Assume you are stuck in a position where your phone is connected via Wi-Fi and getting internet but your computer can't because it doesn't have Wi-Fi nor it can connect via Wired Ethernet. Furthermore you don't have USB cable to connect directly with your phone but your computer has Bluetooth so let's share phone's internet via Bluetooth. 

Make sure your phone has internet connection and your PC has working Bluetooth. 


1. Enable Bluetooth on your Phone and make sure the phone is connected to internet.

2. Go to Settings>More>Tethering

3. Enable Bluetooth Tethering.

4. Go to your Computer's Bluetooth settings and pair with the phone. 

5. Go to Open Network and Sharing Center and go to change Adapter settings. From here right click on the Bluetooth and go to "View Bluetooth Network Devices".

6. From the View Bluetooth Network devices right click on the phone you want to connect to and Connect Using Access Point.

7. It should connect right away. But from the connection speed you can guess how much speed you can get out of it.

Note: If you want to use it on say another android device you can do that as well. Here is how to use it on a Nexus device. Go to the Bluetooth option of the said device and connect to the Phone that has internet.

Make sure on the Paired Device "Internet Access" is allowed.

Note: As I was mentioning earlier that speed might not be good, here is the possible speed you might get from Bluetooth Tethering. 

Whereas direct connection can give you results like this

And do keep in mind that both hardware was Bluetooth 4.0. So not that good for activities that requires a lot of Bandwidth but if you are in need of doing something important and not Bandwidth hungry you can still do it.


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  2. thanks for the tips!

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  3. Sir,
    That really was helpful. Well, I want to share the internet in a wifi router (TP-LINK 150mbps). Do I need to configure it? if yes, how (please). For your kind information, I had a broadband connection before and I was using the router as a wifi device. The router was configured in that connection.
    Now, do I need to configure it again?

    1. yes. u need to set the WAN settings to Dynamic. and u said its working right?