Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ubuntu For Humanity - A Free OS

Welcome to my blog. Hope you will enjoy reading. Today I'm going to write about Ubuntu. I have first used this operating system around 5 years ago(that time I also used windows XP 2003 x64).It was fun & newer versions are even more fun. Many of you may already heard about it or used it. Yet for those who doesn't know what it is. Trying out a new operating system is fun & it will be even more fun if you can run it from an USB drive without altering anything of your system.

What is Ubuntu:

Ubuntu is an operating system with Linux kernel(The Linux kernel is the operating system kernel used by the Linux family of Unix-like operating systems.It is a very good example of free and open source software) based on Debian(Debian is an operating system composed of free software mostly carrying the GNU General Public License.The operating system is developed by an internet collaboration of volunteers aligned with The Debian Project. Its focus of different kernels makes it appeal to different titles, such as Debian GNU/Linux and kFreeBSD.Debian names its operating systems with kernel names and the word GNU, since Debian depends on its software development using GNU tools.) and distributed as free and open source software. Ubuntu uses the Unity Desktop(An Interface for the GNOME desktop environment as its default desktop environment). It is named after the Southern African philosophy of ubuntu, which can be translated as "humanity towards others" or "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".

What's so exciting about it?

First of all it is free! Can you imagine? How much do you have to pay for windows operating system? But this operating system is totally free.

It is Fast, it is compatible with most of the hardware, it is beautiful, it is customizable!

You will get a lot of software. For example : Libreoffice(Almost same as Microsoft office) , Firefox, Empathy IM, Transmission (A tiny bit-torrent client) , Movie Player, Games & Lot of other applications. Installing new application is even more easier. From your software center just search for the application & Install! Very Easy & Simple.

Installing Application from Software center is also easy.

A very nice feature of this operating system is the Dash Home.
You can just click on the dash home & look for file, folder, applications, music, videos & many more things.Using video lens will be real fun.

Another very nice feature is the Terminal. I know there is a lot of people who loves a system with touch panel & all. Don't like typing stuffs but still there are people(old school type) who will love this feature. With the help of this terminal you can do a lot of things! For example I have downloaded an image with this!

[Though I'm using a 1.5Mbps internet connection but download speed is about 16.8KBps, maybe should have downloaded a large file. ]

About the beauty part
This OS is really beautiful & customizable. Look at the two screenshots, as you can see even if I change the wallpaper the left portion changes its color.

It has got a real nice interface , I really love this. It has got a HUD. Nice keyboard shortcuts & more stuffs to explore.

It has nice privacy settings. You can block users from viewing files & folders.
Ubutu's welcome screen is also nice

One more cool thing about this OS is it is almost virus free. Strange? No.Most Virus is also application(talking about windows based virus/Trojan) that has an extension of .exe which does not run in Ubuntu, So virus made for windows won't work on Ubuntu. (So does all the other applications including games & software)

This is the Home Folder. It's like Computer Explorer in your windows operating system.

Here You can see the image file that I have downloaded using the terminal.

You can also browse Windows Network from this OS.

Here You can see the my desktop connected with the network.

One more feature is Ubuntu One. It is a free personal cloud.

An screenshot from Ubuntu One page.

Connecting to a network is also easy in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Has this nice feature that will allow user to switch workspace, this is good for running many more applications at a same time. It will surely increase manageability.

Last but not the least you can find settings for almost everything.

So that was a brief & scattered(I know its scattered , sorry guys ) information on Ubuntu.

Thank you all for checking. Next I will be uploading how make Boot able pen drive & Boot from pendrive.

Few Positive Sides:

1. Free,
2. Support For Huge Amount of software,
3. Great For Coding,
4. Runs great even on Low End System,
5. Nice Looking.
6. Steam is now supported on Ubuntu,
7. Virus Free.

Few Negative Sides:

1. Sometimes finding drivers becomes a serious pain,
2. No DirectX Support. So, Most games won't run,
3. Lack of available software(comparing to windows).

[For Example I'm using the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS AMD 64 on a AMD APU based laptop.]

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