Thursday, July 18, 2013

Python Introduction & Basic

Good evening everyone. I tried my best to write something but laziness just didn't let me do anything. Anyway here I am with the Python tutorial. Hope you will guys enjoy reading and experimenting with it.

What is Python?

It is a widely used general purpose , high level language(Easy to use natural language). It's very easy to use, easy to understand. For more details you can look for python in google

How to get it?

To get python in your system what ever you are running Windows Linux or Mac just go to this link
and download the one suitable for your machine.

The download page will look like this

Just download it from here and Install it.After installation is done you can run it. As I'm using windows 7 ultimate 64bit I'm running it from the start menu.

Python Looks like this

Simple looking right? Okay Now Let's see how to do some maths in here!

How to use:

Python supports most of the math operators readily.

Just type in and hit enter you will see the results.

% sign means mod. It is used to find out remainder.

It has three types of numbers supported. Integer , Float & Complex.
If you wanna use complex number you have to use j rather than using i.

Type command is used for finding out the type.

To find out power of something use two * sign.
For floor division use //. Floor division rounds the output value.

So there you are. The very basic of python, more on the way. Hope this will help.