Sunday, August 25, 2013

Best Bang For The Buck GPU August 2013 Extreme

Now its time for the extreme cards. This list will go all the way up to $1000.

1. GTX 780 3GB(Around $650)

Alright where to start! Okay Nvidia GTX 780. Younger brother of the mighty GTX Titan. They are built on the same GK110 28nm fabrication. They have same transistor count & a massive 7.1Billion. 
It has 2304 CUDA Cores, 192 Texture Unit, 48 Raster Operators, Core is clocked at 863MHz with a boost clock of 900MHz. It has 384bit 6GHz GDDR5 3GB memory that has a bandwidth of about 288.4GB/s.

It supports advanced technologies like GPU Boost 2.0, 3D Vision, CUDA, DirectX 11 Shader Model 5.0 OpenGL , PhysX, TXAA, Adaptive   VSync, FXAA, 3D Vision Surround,SLI etc.

It is a bit more power hungry for a single GPU. It burns around 250W under load. So you will be needing a 600W PSU to run this. And ofcourse single 6 pin & a single 8 ping power connector is needed too. Make sure your power supply has that one. A Thermaltake Smart 630SE should be enough. 

2. AMD HD 7990 6GB

HD 7990 is actually a dual GPU card. That means it has two GPUs on its PCB(Printed Circuit Board). In this case both of them are HD 7970 the most powerful single GPU from AMD. 

So most of its spec will be just double of what we saw in the HD 7970. HD 7970 itself is a monster when it comes to playing high end games with very good frame rate. This card will perform even better than that. 

This AMD HD 7990 is ofcourse built on the same 28nm GCN Tahiti GPU. Just it has got 8.6Billion Transistors, 4096 Stream Unit, 8.2TFLOPs computing power. This is a powerhouse. It is a monster AMD has unleashed! It has 6GB GDDR5 memory with a bandwidth of around 576GB/s!

It supports all the latest technologies and can run any game with good frames at the fullest settings. Make sure you have a decent system to cope with this monster. 

This card requires minimum 750W power supply. It needs to 8 pin PCI e power connectors. Make sure you have a good power supply for this. 

Presenting you the AMD HD 7990. It has triple cooling fan with aluminum fins for cooling the GPUs & Copper Fins for cooling the GPU VRM. Two 8 pin power connectors are visible. Also Crossfire Finger & Bios button is visible. This card is indeed a large card. You will need a large Case for this.

Damn this card is beautiful.



The word TITAN was from the Titan Supercomputer Located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It's because both of them are built on the same thing GK110. The Titan GPU is built on the same GK110 with  2688 CUDA cores same as the Tesla K20X used in the Titan supercomputer.

Titan GPU has 14SMX unit. It is faster than a GTX 780 though it has lower clocks. Base 837MHz Boost 876MHz. It has 6GB GDDR5 Memory. 

It requires 250W power.

The mighty GTX TITAN With all its glory!

4. Nvidia GTX 690

Like the 7990 this card is also a dual GPU card. This card is built on the GK104 Kepler architecture. 
This is actually dual 680. So all the options will be same as the 680. Only will perform faster. It actually performs faster than a Titan. But Titan is not a dual GPU card. 

This card is kind of overkill because dual 770 in SLI configuration would be a better choice I guess.

It requires 300W power, make sure you have adequate power to power this thing up.

The GTX 690.

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