Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Bang For The Buck GPU List(Entry) August 2013

Welcome everyone. My awesome laziness didn't let me write for quite a few weeks. Anyway here I am again writing about different Graphics Card and how much they cost. So lets take a look.

Entry Level Graphics Card

1. AMD HD 6670 (Below $100)

This cards cost lower & consume low power. I wanted to suggest AMD HD 5670 but unfortunately that card is discontinued now. From my personal experience a 5670 is a very good gaming GPU for a system with a Low Resolution Display. This card is good enough for running high end games like Call of Duty Black ops 2, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Metro Last Night etc. with pretty playable frame rate at low resolution. Successor of this GPU is AMD HD 6670. HD 6670 features a bit better performance.
It features 800MHz processor, 128bit GDDR5/GDDR3 512MB/1GB/2GB memory, 480 Stream Processors, DVI , HDMI , Displayport, DirectX11, OpenGL 4.1, Shader Model 5.0. It is built on a 40nm process. My opinion? It's the best card under 75W. It does not require any supplementary PCI e power. 

This AMD HD 6670 card is obviously the best choice for lower end system as it does not require that much money or power. It has all the features of high end cards only not that powerful. But still it is best choice for low end system build.

This is the Sapphire HD 6670 1GB GDDR5.

HIS HD6670 Low Profile Features Dual Cooling fan.

Asus HD 6670. Dual Link DVI, HDMI & Displayport visible.

XFX HD 6670 Features a D-SUB port but it has no Displayport.  
2. AMD HD 7770 (Around $100)

This is the most affordable GCN cards. This card features a 28nm fabrication process so it burns less energy & produce less heat but its performance is pretty remarkable. It has a core clock of 1GHz, 640 Stream Processors, 128bit GDDR5 Memory, HDMI, Displayport, DVI, DirectX11 , OpenGL 4.2 support. This card is good enough for playing all the high end games at moderate resolution with moderate frame rate. It only needs one 6 pin PCI e power connector & it has a TDP of 80W only. Any normal PSU this days will be able to handle this card. With a budget around $100, this card is the best choice.

Sapphire AMD HD 7770 GHz Edition.

Sapphire VaporX HD 7770. Looks good but overkill I would say, You don't need dual fan to cool down 80W Thermal.

XFX HD 7770 with GHOST THERMAL TECHNOLOGY. Marketing gimmick I believe, branding their products with appealing names.

HIS IceQX HD 7770. Outer look is pretty innovative.

Now, Lets take a look at the benchmark. As both of these cards are pretty low end, I'm gonna run all the games in 1680*1050,rather than running in 1920*1080.  Fraps  was used to check the frame rate.

The following games were benchmarked. 

According to the benchmark it's clearly seen that HD 7770 performs very good in every games. For particular games, it will still be playable in 1920*1080. Whereas HD 6670 doesn't perform that good but still this card is best according to its price point. Anyone who can only buy 6670, I will recommend lower a few settings & you will get playable frame rate.

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