Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GPU List August 2013 Mid

For Mid Range Budget Like $100 to $ 180 the first card that came into my mind is the AMD HD7790 & Nvidia GTX650Ti.

So first of all HD 7790 (around $ 130)

As there was a big price & performance gap between 7770 & 7850 AMD launched the 7790. It is also a GPU built on the 28nm process. It's core is clocked at around 1GHz(Higher for overclocked editions) , 896 Stream Processors, 1GB/2GB GDDR5 memory.

It's power consumption is also low, only around 85W TDP. It requires a 6 pin PCI e power connector. Most low end branded power supply units will be able to run this card pretty smoothly.

This card has DVI, HDMI, Display Port. It fully supports DirectX11, OpenGL 4.2 & Shader Model 5.0. Even in most demanding games it manages good frame per second in moderate resolution or in High Resolution just lowering down the high end options a bit. Like turning off Anti Aliasing.

Sapphire HD 7790 2GB. One 6 pin power port visible.

MSI HD 7790 with propeller blade fan design. MSI claims this design results in 20% more airflow.

Second one the Nvidia GTX 650Ti

Like Nvidia told about this card "GTX gaming at a remarkable price" this card is a very good choice for building up a system with around $170 GPU. Its a GK 106 card with a few features disabled.

It is built on a 28nm procedure with the Kepler Architecture.

GTX 650ti is clocked around 928MHz(Higher for overclocked GPUs), it has 5400MHz GDDR5 Memory interface, 768CUDA units, it has 4k2k display support(24Hz).

It is packed with all the nvidia technologies like PhysX, CUDA, 3D vision, Nvidia Surround etc. It also uses a single PCI e power connector for meeting up it's 110W TDP(Overclocked 650ti will have higher TDP).

On the Top Asus 650Ti & Bottom Gigabyte 650Ti.

The next one on the Mid range list is the AMD HD 7850. 

When it was launched it has a higher price point. But to compete with Nvidia, AMD lowered its price to around $ 170.

Like other 7XXX cards it is also built on a 28nm fabrication procedure. It is a Pitcairn card. This days many games are optimized for AMD that could be a good reason for buying these GPUs if you plan on playing those games. AMD also offers bundled game with 7XXX series GPU that could also be one of the reasons to buy these cards.

Anyway this card runs around 860MHz default clock. Its memory is clocked at 4800MHz effective. It has 1GB/2GB GDDR5 memory interface. It has fully support for DirectX11, Shader Model 5.0 & OpenGL4.2. Like other 7XXX it supports AMD HD3D & 4K2K resolution for maximizing your entertainment.

It's TDP is around 130W. Single 6 pin PCI e connector is enough for this card. But you will be needing a bit better power supply unit to provide 130W more on its 12V rail.

This card can run all the top level games with good frames.

Sapphire HD 7850 Dual X 2GB.

The 7790 & 650Ti has almost similar performance. 7850 beats both of them. 

That was all for mid range cards. Hope you have enjoyed reading.

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