Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Digital Volume Control

Welcome everyone, hope you guys are doing great.In this short post I will be writing about how to use a digital potentiometer as a digital volume control. The model number of this integrated circuit is DS1669.

For this particular project we don't need too many components to work with. For input and output we can simply use two 3.5mm jacks. We will also need couple smoothing capacitors and to get stereo we will need a pair of the said integrated circuit.

Like I was saying it is a digital potentiometer. Like any other variable resistor it has a High Terminal, Low terminal and a wiper Terminal. Here we will use the higher and the wiper terminal. Changing the position of the wiper terminal will give us different resistance. Note that between higher and lower terminal there will always be a fixed resistance.

This additional circuit can be used with amplifiers where you want to get rid of Analog potentiometer to make the design look smart. 

Let's look at the pin configuration of the DS-1669.

Pin Configuration of DS1669, Photo Courtesy: Internet.


A very simple diagram. Couple notable points are:

1. Input and Output can be 3.5mm jacks.
2. Use momentary switch for SW1 and SW2.
3. A normal SPST(Single Pole Single Through) switch can be used as on/off switch in SW3 position.
4. Supply voltage can be anything between 5V-8V.

So, that's it pretty much it, hopefully it was helpful.


DS1669's datasheet.
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