Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nvidia Shadowplay

Welcome everyone! Although this post is mainly for gamers but you can still read this if you want.

Right now I am going to write about Nvidia's ShadowPlay. 

What is ShadowPlay?

ShadowPlay is a screen capturing tool just like Fraps or  similar software, the difference is Fraps is not free but ShadowPlay is free. If you have 600/700 Series nvidia card you can use ShadowPlay, record your winning/loosing and upload it to anywhere!

The main advantage of this tool is it is hardware accelerated, unlike the software based solution which had a noticeable impact on the system's performance, ShadowPlay doesn't have that much impact. It uses the 600/700 series card's video engine(which usually sits idle during gaming).

So let's see what you will need to run ShadowPlay.

A system with (Minimum requirements of ShadowPlay )

1. Intel Core i3 2nd generation or AMD Quadcore Athlon II Processor
2. Nvidia 600 Series card or Higher
3. 4GB of System Memory
4. GeForce 331.43 or higher driver.

No AMD card? Yes, no AMD card. As ShadowPlay stays as a part of the GeForce Experience you can't use it on an AMD card.

How to get this?

You will need driver for running games on your system. And it will come with the driver. Just download GeForce driver 331.43 or higher(Currently I'm using 331.81) and make sure you Install the GeForce Experience. And you are good to go.

How to configure?

Just launch your GeForce Experience you will see something like this.

On the top right corner you can see ShadowPlay. Left clicking that will pop up the ShadowPlay options.

After Clicking ShadowPlay, you will see this. Here you have to turn on the ShadowPlay first. Hope you can see the mini button on the left side of the small ShadowPlay window. After enabling it you will see this.

Here you can change a few settings. Not much really.

1. You can use any one of the modes, Shadow mode or manual. In the shadow mode this will automatically record your game but saving is up-to you, during playing if you think that damn I just did something that is horribly awesome! Just press the button it will save the last 20 minutes(Max) of the game. In the manual mode, as you can guess, you have to manually start the record and pause the record.

2. You can change how much time it will save if you press the record button during shadow mode. You have to change the mode to shadow mode to change this option.

3. You can switch between High Medium & Low quality.

4. You can change the audio input, either from the game or mute.

Preference button will allow you to change the directory where the videos will be saved(As shown in the picture) and also allow you to change the recording indicator's position. 

How to Use :

For manual record Alt + F9
For Shadow record Alt + F10




Free. As it comes with the driver itself, it is free no need to buy a screen recording software.

As it uses dedicated hardware on the card, it doesn't have that much performance impact on the system. While recording you won't even loose frames that much.

It records at 1080p which is pretty good quality.


Can't change the options that much. Control over resolution and frames per second would be real handy.

Don't have any good option for getting audio input from microphone. 

Limited time limit (3.8GB/about 10 min).


Playing Black OPS II on a GTX 670 and recording it using ShadowPlay 

From the GPU load you can easily understand the time when the game was on. And during ShadowPlay recording the video engine load gets higher (usually it was sitting idle).

How it looks?
Check out a few videos to find out the quality. No compression software was used. Though youtube might have compressed the video a bit more.

Shitty Sniping performance right?


Damn You tank you always get stuck!

Hope you will like it. Have a nice day and keep recording keep uploading.

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