Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mid Range Gaming Build February 2014 $750

Welcome back everyone! Earlier I have posted budget build within 700$. Now in that build I used an AMD FX based processor a FX-6300, which many people won't like! So, now I'm gonna post another build using an Intel Core i5 4th generation.

In this build the only thing that I'm going to change is the Processor and essentially the motherboard, the rest will stay the same.

First stop, the processor.

Intel Core i5 4570

This is the latest generation processor from Intel corporation codename Haswell. It is the 4th generation product of their core series. This series is a very successful series, they might be a bit pricey but still make it up with the performance. 

Core i5 4570 is a quad-core processor with no hyper-threading that means it will always work as quad-core. It's a 3.2GHz processor, with 6MB high speed level 3 cache, it supports latest instruction sets and it's thermal design power is only 84W.

It supports dual channel DDR3 memory modules up to 1600MHz, it has turbo boost which can boost up the clock speed to 3.6GHz turning off 3 of its cores. The only thing that I don't like is the integrated GPU, it has HD4600 iGPU, I think it's useless, cause for gaming we will be needing an discrete card. Though some people use switchable graphics, I don't really care about the power consumption so whatever.

This processor has decent gaming performance, productivity, and very low idle power consumption. 
One negative side is this processor is not overclock-able, it's multiplier is locked, so it can't be overclocked much! 

It's price is a noticeably higher than the FX-6300. But if you want a gaming rig you can't go with an i3, dual core is obviously not recommended. So, i5 is it is. It's price is around 200$ or 16.6K BDT.


For the motherboard, I'm going to use a cheap gigabyte board, which can support the fourth generation core processors.Gigabyte boards are really stable, looks good and

Gigabyte H81M-S2PV

This is the cheapest board that I can find to use with a fourth generation core processor. It has SATA 6Gbps ports, USB 3.0 port, PCI express x16 slot, Realtek Gigabit LAN and Audio, two DIMM slots that supports up-to 1600MHz. 

For a budget build it will work fine for now. Just make sure to plan ahead while putting memory modules as this board has only two DIMM slots. It will cost around 65$ or 5.6K BDT.

The rest will be same as before.

So, take a look at here for the earlier build.

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