Saturday, March 29, 2014

1W Amplifier With TDA 7052

Good evening everyone. This post is about another small audio amplifier that provides around 1W of output power and it requires no external component which makes this circuit very easy to make. This circuit can be used with battery operated devices.


1. No external component needed(Unless you want volume control),
2. Good overall stability,
3. Low power consumption,
4. No on/off click sound,
5. No heat-sink needed.
6. Low Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)
7. Large input voltage range of 3V-18V.
8. Very low no load current.
9. Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz.

Components Required:

Integrated Circuit:

1 TDA7052


1 0.1μF 100V Non Polar
1 1μF 63V
1 4.7μF 63V
1 220μF 16V


1 10KΩ 
1 56KΩ
1 22KΩ Variable

Loud Speaker:


Circuit Diagram:


The Pin 2 is used for the input of audio signal.
22KΩ variable resistor is used for controlling volume.
A speaker is directly connected with the output. No output capacitor required.
This circuit can be built on a small but good quality PCB.
The capacitors with the voltage input section are for filtering. For battery operation these are not mandatory. For other operation it is better to Keep the capacitor close to the integrated circuit.

For Stereo make another identical one.
Read the datasheet linked below for more information.
6V Supply with 8Ω speaker should give about 1.2W of power.

Datasheet for 7052.

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