Friday, March 28, 2014

Fluorescent Lamp from 12V

Good evening everyone. Hope you guys are doing great! So many of us have seen a fluorescent lamp driver in action, from a battery. This is a very common thing in car or emergency lamps.

Now lets see how easily a circuit can be made to serve this purpose. First take a look at the diagram then!

Fluorescent Lamp From 12V

This diagram will be a very easy one. In the heart of this circuit there is a 555 timer IC that is in an astable multi-vibrator mode. It provides the necessary oscillation frequency to be delivered to the transformer, as we all know transformer does not work in DC so we have to provide AC for this. The output of the 555 IC is very small so we have to amplify it. The MOSFET will do the job of amplifying.

Note : 

1. T1 or the Transformer one can be a small transformer that has a 220V winding and a 12V Winding. Make sure to connect the 220V side to the LAMP and 12 V side to the circuit. In this particular circuit it will work as a step up transformer.
2. The high voltage side of the transformer will provide very high voltage so you might get shock, do not touch the circuit while it is running. 
3. The 0.01uF capacitor with the LAMP must be rated at at-least 1KV.
4. It is better to use an electrolytic capacitor with the pin 2 of the IC.
5. MOSFET IRF510 might get hot, so attach a heat-sink with it.
6. 12V Lead acid/Sealed Lead Acid battery or 12V DC source( Maybe an adapter) can be used. 
7. A lamp of 4W/6W can be used with this circuit.
8. Just connect the two opposite pins of a LAMP ( even if it has 4 pins, 2 in each side).

Good Luck!

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