Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yet Another Budget System around $500

Welcome back everyone. This will be another budget build that can easily handle most modern games and regular tasks without any issue. Obviously at a budget price point playing Crysis3 at Ultra with AA on is not possible. Still if we tweak the options a bit this system will be awesome. You will get good performance for the dollar. This post will only cover hardware.

So for the first thing the processor.

AMD Athlon 760k FM2 X4 3.8GHz

Not much to say about this processors. The reason for choosing this processor is it is one of the cheapest quad-core processors available. And it has a pretty high clock speed, so even if it has lower per core performance comparing to Intel chips its more number of cores and higher clock speed kind of offset that. And as it is a tight budget build where only $150-$160 is allotted for the Graphics card we are not going to get a very high end card. Obviously this processor will not bottleneck a low end Graphics card of $150 or so. This system is not only aimed at gaming but it can easily be used for daily computer usage like internet browsing, entertainment, communication, productive works etc. Quad core will allow us to do more work at the same time and for multi-threaded application it will be beneficial. Now let’s look at the positive and negative side of this processor.


Very cheap, only about $90. 
It is a Quad-core processor.  
Fairly high clock speed.
      Good per dollar performance.


          Low per core performance.
          High power consumption.

The next stop is the motherboard

My initial plan was to go with an A75 or maybe an A85 but then I saw this board an A88X board which is really cheap and has all the functions that a modern computer should have. So I thought why not using this one! For the motherboard also not much to say, obviously at this price point you won’t get much but it will fulfill all the needs. For the brand, MSI is pretty well known and reliable brand so not much to worry there. It is a micro-ATX motherboard so you can make a small factor PC and keep it behind a display and can replace your console easily. Now let’s see the good and bad about this board.


Very cheap, $68 only. 
PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot.         
6 SATA 3.0 6Gbps port. 
Built in 8 channel audio and Gigabit LAN.           
Front panel USB 3.0 Header on the mid-board.


      No power delivery heat-sink, so overclocking is a no go. 
 Only 2 RAM slots. 
Multiple graphics output port which will not be needed.

Next RAM

For this build 8GB 1600MHz single stick memory is selected. 8GB and 1600MHz is the current sweet spot for gaming and regular use. As this will be a very tight budget build wasting more money on the memory does not seem legitimate.

   8GB 1600MHz RAM, single stick. So headroom left for upgrading it to 16GB later.       
   Kingstone is a reliable brand.           
   Not that costly, only $65.


CL10, I was expecting to find a CL9 RAM.

Next thing is the most important thing for gaming. The Graphics card.

Nvidia 750Ti 2GB or AMD HD260X 2GB are most viable option for this build.

As I have already posted about these two, I'm not gonna say anything else. 

Just click here to see more. Budget for GPU is about $155.

Next the power supply.

For the power supply I will always say, don’t cheap on the power supply, power supply is one of the most important component for your system. A good power supply means cleaner power, lower energy wastage and more chances of withstanding any disturbing occurrence.

       Very cheap, only about $40.
             Single 12V rail which can support 28A, so better load balancing.
             Cables are sleeved.
             Lots of connector.
             Up to 85% efficiency, 80 Plus Certified.
 CWT unit.

            85degree C rated capacitors.

Seriously there is not much of a down side at this price point. As for a reliable brand like this we can hope that this unit will last for years and of course it comes with a 3 years warranty which is pretty cool.


Toshiba 1TB SATA 3.0 

When it comes to hard drive I always prefer Hitachi, but as they are not available any longer I would go with either Western digital or Toshiba. As a very cost effective system can’t put a SSD in this, and for now 1TB should be enough for storing a good amount of game and other important files.


       1TB storage space. 
       Cheap, $60 only. 
                 SATA 3.0 6Gbps

Optical disk drive:

Although pretty obsolete this days but still you can throw in a cheap $20 Asus optical disk drive.


Casing is up-to you. Get anything with a good airflow, cooling performance and low noise. 

Grand total might be around $520-550.

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