Monday, July 28, 2014

Guitar Fuzz Effect

Welcome back! Anyone who plays guitar for a long time knows this fuzz effect. It's kind of a vintage effect but it still is cool. This fuzz effect module can be bought but making one is easy and fun. In this post I'm not going to post a diagram for making this. Hope you will enjoy it.



1. LM741 is a very basic OP-AMP. You replace it with a better one for better performance.

2. The Input and Output 0.47µF capacitors can be replaced with lower valued capacitors for more Treble response.

3. For more Bass response a small valued capacitor can be added in parallel with the 1MΩ resistor.

4. 1MΩ resistor can be replaced with a variable resistor, which will give you the option to control the amount of Fuzz.

5. If the output volume level is too low, you can use a small amplifier to boost it up!

6. This circuit runs on a very small amount of current so standard PP3 9V battery or Six AA cells should be fine for powering it up.

7. It is a very small circuit so it can be built directly into the guitar.

8. An on/off switch can be added alongside a bypass switch which will bypass the audio to the female jack directly from the pick up.

There is just lot to tinker with this circuit so make one and see what you can do with it.
Good luck!

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