Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Amplifier Using TDA2040

Good morning everyone, hope you guys are doing great! Now I'm going to write about an amplifier, previously I have written about the TDA2030 and this post will be about using a TDA2040.

Let's talk about a few cool features about this IC.

1. Very wide voltage range of up to 40V, which so it can be used in many different designs.

2. It can run from both single and dual power supply.

3. Can be used in both normal and bridge mode.

4. Very low total harmonic distortion.

5. Thermal Shutdown at 150 degree Celsius.

6. Short circuit protection.

All these features makes it ideal for making amplifiers using TDA 2040.

So, lets take a look at the diagram.

First one is for single power supply.

Second one is for using it with dual power supply.

Nothing much to be said about the diagram. 

The IC TDA2040 has only 5 pins. the #5 pin is for connecting positive power supply and the #3 for connecting it to negative or ground.

#1 and #2 are Non-inverting and inverting inputs respectively. And the #4 is the output.

The Input and output capacitors are for decoupling purpose. Which blocks the DC and allows the AC to flow. 

The 220uF/470uF capacitors are for smoothing and 0.1uF capacitors are used for suppressing high frequency noises from power supply unit. 

The 22kohm resistor, 22uF capacitor and 680ohm resistor are used for creating a feedback path.

 So that's pretty much it. 4ohm speaker will give higher output with higher Total harmonic distortion so it's better to use an 8ohm speaker.

 You can easily make a bridged amplifier to get even more power. 

Use a good quality power supply with this.

Happy Experimenting.

TDA2040 datasheet.

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