Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Why Bangladesh needs Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Bangladesh is running low in it’s Natural Gas reserve. Already good amount of Gas(LPG) has to be imported to meet the demand and with time it will only increase. The way households in Bangladesh use gas it is not going to last long. Moreover Gas Transmission Titas is corrupted to the bone, they sold huge amount of Gas to industries taking backdoor money from those industries so Bangladesh needs an alternative source of power. With Nuclear plant household can rely on Electricity to cook as excess electricity should theoretically make it cheaper. This will offload the pressure on Gas.
  2. Vehicles that run on Natural Gas can be replaced with electrical one as with cheaper and more available electricity those vehicles will be able to top themselves up without significant disturbance on the Line.
  3. Fertilizer factories will still require Natural Gas so offload the pressure on them is important. If Bangladesh runs out of Gas it will have to import those fertilizers as well.

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